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FAQ: Mediation Panel Volunteer


1. How many mediations does SEEDS convene per year?


Approximately 80-100


2. How many mediators does SEEDs maintain on its volunteer panel?


Approximately 100


3. When can volunteers join SEEDS’ mediation panel?


SEEDS adds mediators when spaces open up on the panel or when we are trying to fill particular gaps - typically about 3 times per year for a total of 10-15 mediators per year.


4. Can I join the panel automatically after I take a SEEDS mediation training?


SEEDS does not automatically add mediation training participants to the panel. We typically add up to 15 people per year and we train up to 75 participants per year.


5. Can I join the panel if I do not take the training?


SEEDS also recognizes certificates from Community Boards and Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. These community trainings are similar to SEEDS trainings. We generally do not add mediators from other programs, although we sometimes make exceptions after interviewing candidates and confirming that their training and approach are in alignment.


6. How do I apply for the SEEDS mediation panel?


You can fill out a volunteer application. We review applications about 3 times per year and sometimes invite applicants to interview for the panel to assess fit and alignment.


7. What qualities are considered for volunteer mediators?


  • Received training from SEEDS, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, Community Boards, or similar community programs

  • Has a strong understanding of power dynamics and how they play-out in a conflict/mediation

  • Diverse lived experiences/Sensitivity to diverse lived experiences

  • Fluency in multiple languages (especially Spanish)

  • Trained in a 2/3 mediator model

8. I applied but have not heard from you, what does this mean?


If you have not heard from us, it means that we do not have the capacity to on-board you at this time.


9. How many mediations do volunteers do per year?


The volunteer commitment is for at least a year and during that time selected candidates are expected to volunteer for at least 4 mediations. Volunteers are encouraged to sign-up for mediations as frequently as they would like and are available.

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