AddieRose Mayer

Executive Director

addierose [at] seedscrc [dot] org

AddieRose Mayer is the Executive Director of SEEDS. She is a dynamic, process-driven, strategic leader with a commitment to increasing social impact in the public, private and non-profit sectors. AddieRose had more than 15 years experience leading and facilitating teams to have brave communication across differences. As a practiced strategic thinker, AddieRose supports individuals, communities and institutions as they lean into discomfort to solve challenging social issues. As a leader and practitioner, AddieRose draws on principles of adult learning, leadership development, human-centered design, and social change. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Health.

An East Coaster in humor and a West Coaster in style AddieRose lived in New England until moving to the Bay Area in 2010. AddieRose has a passion for cooking and sharing food, spending time in the woods, and connecting with others. AddieRose is proud to be a community leader of the purpose driven community: Thrive East Bay.

Barbara Lipson

Director - Organizational Effectiveness and Community Programs

barbara [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Barbara Lipson is the Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Community Programs for SEEDS. As a member of senior leadership she supports the strategic direction of the agency and the mediation, facilitation and training programs. She has been with SEEDS since 2009, mediating and facilitating for businesses, communities, schools, spiritual communities and public agencies. Over the years, she has trained hundreds of participants on many topics, including conflict resolution, communication, diversity and inclusion, and leadership skills. 

Barbara has lived in the East Bay since 1988.  She is an artist (specializing in portraiture) and enjoys spending time with her family.

Sara Cantor

Operations Manager

sara [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Sara provides logistical support for the public trainings and group facilitations at SEEDS. She comes to the office after years working with the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective, supporting their training program. She's particularly excited about making mediation/conflict resolution skills accessible to a wider community, as it supports her dreams for a world where our responses to violence do not cause more harm. 


Sara also works as a childcare provider, tutor, and freelance financial coach. In the rare moments that she's not working, she likes talking about astrology, making new friends at the dog park, and kayaking on the Russian River.

Sarah Dobson is the Case Mediation Supervisor at SEEDS, supporting the process of moving from a community member's initial phone call seeking support through to bringing together all parties for a mediation. She supervises the Case Development and Community Mediation volunteers and enjoys supporting processes of growth and learning for conflict transformation skills. 


Sarah grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and has been a violence prevention educator and conflict transformation practitioner in the US, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. She earned her M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding from the UN mandated University for Peace and has a particular passion for preventing gender based violence and restorative responses to identity-based harm. She loves petting dogs, playing ultimate frisbee, and walking slowly in thick forests.

Sarah Dobson

Mediation Case Supervisor

sarah [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Selena Gould

Programs Coordinator
selena [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Selena Gould is the Programs Coordinator at SEEDS. At SEEDS, she enjoys supporting all program areas in addition to training, communications, and social media. In her professional and community work, she brings strengths in facilitation and organization to support collaborative groups. As an advocate for social justice and progressive systems, she is thrilled to work for an organization that is invested in equity and community empowerment.


Selena has a strong lens in power dynamics and institutional justice informed by a Bachelor in Sociology from Dickinson College. During her educational tenure, she completed conflict analysis projects in Israel-Palestine and Cameroon, Central Africa. Selena believes that the foundation of meaningful change begins with deconstructing power structures and fostering equitable communities. When not in the office, she enjoys playing the violin, dancing, and having new experiences.

Aleida Moreno

School Services Manager

aleida [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Aleida Moreno is the School Services Manager at SEEDS. They have extensive experience working in the non-profit mental health care industry and have experience working in schools in Special Education classrooms and as a substitute teacher. Aleida has also worked at a crisis agency as an advocate for survivors of sexual violence and do freelance Spanish translation for an independent newspaper. They have facilitated trainings on gender affirming care for medical professionals, the savior complex in service providers, and on the specific ways the LGBTQIA+ community is impacted by violence.


Aleida has a strong anti-oppression and trauma-informed approach to advocacy and training informed by a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley in Gender and Women's Studies and their experience supporting people with extensive trauma.  Aleida is a certified Crisis Advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. In their spare time they enjoy spending time with their dog, reading, writing and creating fiber arts projects. 

Our Trainers

Tatiana Chaterji


Tatiana Chaterji is proud to join SEEDS as a trainer in conflict mediation and restorative justice. With over a decade of experience in schools, prisons, re-entry, juvenile justice, and community settings, she brings deep commitment to peacebuilding, violence prevention, and healing. She pulls from multiple traditions to transform harm and create alternatives to the criminalization of wrongdoing.


Tatiana is a big believer in the SEEDS model to address and challenge social inequity. She integrates tools from conflict mediation to recover human connection across people at different ends of historical injustice, and seeks opportunity for dialogue and accountability for systemic oppression and the ways it manifests in interpersonal relationships.  


Tatiana has been involved in restorative justice in Oakland Unified School District since its inception in 2010, currently working as RJ facilitator at Fremont High School. She has served as training advisor with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and RJ teaching artist with Community Works West. As a theater artist and storyteller, Tatiana develops cultural resistance strategies with youth and community members to activate social movements. She hosts learning laboratories in Theatre of the Oppressed with Partners for Collaborative Change. She has been been recognized as a leader in holding trauma-informed, liberatory spaces with incarcerated people in participatory theater and personal transformation. Learn more at

Gabe Crane


Gabe Crane is delighted to be working as a mediator and facilitator for SEEDS! Having earned his conflict resolution certificate with SEEDS in 2016, Gabe serves as an independent mediator and facilitator for companies, organizations, and individual parties, specializing in conflict coaching and management and dispute resolution. In addition, Gabe works as an integrative counselor in the field of holistic health and personal growth.


Gabe’s unique training background includes a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He has received extensive training at Arnold Mindell’s Process Work Institute in Portland, OR, and is also a Ren Xue Qigong Teacher, drawing on Eastern spiritual traditions and psychosomatic mindfulness to bring an important holistic and awareness-based element into his services. Clients have called Gabe empathetic, highly skilled, professional, and sincere, with a “deep nuanced understanding of group dynamics.”  


Gabe’s organizational clients have included city governments, tech companies, non-profit advisory boards, school districts, and co-housing communities. Privately, he has worked to help negotiate marital separations, landlord-tenant disputes, and workplace conflicts. Gabe’s work combines foundational skills in communication, active listening, and relationship-building with acute understandings of power, group dynamics, and social and contextual intersectionality, as well as the crucial role presence and psychosomatic awareness play in individual and group growth processes. He looks forward to working with you!

Kusum Crimmel’s work is to inspire people to live more deeply and firmly into accountability and integrity, thereby accessing higher levels of joy and embodied love.  She is a facilitator of transformational change and creates space for truth, (re)conciliation, and healing to reclaim our humanity and the humanity of others.   She has spent nearly two decades working with teenagers; eleven of those years at Oakland Tech High School where she built up a vibrant and highly acclaimed, peer-based Restorative Justice program.  She is an LCSW, has 10 years of rape-crisis counseling experience and more than 8 plus years of training with Generative Somatics, expanding her understanding of trauma and the impact of interpersonal, generational and socially pervasive trauma (racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.).  She is a co-creator of FacingIn, a restorative justice consulting business, and recently launched another business, Dissecting Whiteness, which offers services to people and organizations invested in dismantling whiteness and white supremacy and the healing of those impacted by racialized harm and conflict. 


She is a single parent to an eleven–year-old singer, dancer and budding actress.  She is auntie to a bright and courageous one-and-a-half-year old, and an ongoing mentor to countless young people who she has connected with over the last seventeen years. Dance is her favorite form of therapy and she loves to laugh until her belly hurts. 

Kusum Crimmel


Latriece Love-Goodlett


latriece [at] seedscrc [dot] org

Latriece Love-Goodlett is the former Community Programs Manager at SEEDS, and she has now transitioned into a new role as a trainer. She is excited to work for an organization that is deeply committed to cultivating community, relationships, and nurturing the transformative ability brought about by sitting with, reflecting on, and working through conflict and difficult conversations, including the stories we tell ourselves and share with others. She feels deeply moved by the empowerment that comes from participating in the work of holding space, acknowledging our humanity, and meeting people where they are to transform their lives. She believes that what we do each day matters and the prospect of working for SEEDS is an opportunity she relishes. It is an opportunity each day to practice Kuumba, with the hope of leaving the community in a more beautiful and beneficial condition than that in which we inherited it.

Latriece holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Sonoma State University from the Hutchins Program. She enjoys being of service and encouraging people to be their authentic and whole selves as well as speaking their truths. She has several years of work experience in the private sector, local and federal governments, and non-profits. In her spare time, Latriece likes to sing and perform live music and spoken word and spend time with her loving family. She aspires every day to be the best version of herself so that she can make her ancestors, family and herself proud. Latriece believes doing so acknowledges and ensures that the collective sacrifices, endurance, trials, good deeds, and triumphs are not in vain.

Kimi Mojica


Kimi Mojica joined SEEDS in 2017 as an affiliate trainer, facilitator and mediator and has been helping individuals and organizations initiate positive change. They hold a Masters degree in Conflict Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon School of Law. Guided by a love of experiential learning, has worked in the fields of higher education and philanthropy for over 15 years with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, communication, leadership and team development. As a dedicated practitioner of Vipassana meditation since 2003, her pedagogy is firmly grounded in Buddhist principles of compassion, mindfulness and liberation. Kimi’s work in the field of peace studies extends to incorporating restorative justice/circle practices with dharma practitioners at the East Bay Meditation Center, in addition to teaching self-defense as a radical embodiment practice at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo and Self Defense Center, both in Oakland, CA.


Kimi currently serves as the Director of Programs at the International House at UC Berkeley and has been invited to speak, train and facilitate nationally at Wisdom 2.0, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity and the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation among others.

Rafi Silberblatt

Rafi Silberblatt is a Director at Kearns & West with a background in stakeholder engagement, facilitation, planning and conflict resolution. Rafi's training includes a Master's Degree in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley with a focus on participatory processes as well as SEEDS' Mediation course. Over the years he has worked on a wide array of projects running the gamut from strategic planning sessions with government agencies, startups and non-profits, to negotiations between solar developers and unions, to environmental justice outreach on behalf of the California High-Speed Rail project, to land use disputes between neighbors.


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