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SEEDS employs a highly-skilled team of full-time and part-time conflict transformation professionals.


Read more about our staff below and on our practitioner page!

Core Staff

Kate Myers

Acting Executive Director and Chief of Staff

Kate Myers, an experienced and strategic leader with deep experience in non-profit organizations, is SEEDS Acting Executive Director and Chief of Staff.


Most of Kate’s career has been spent in the media and journalism space. Most recently, she has served as interim CEO at The Markup and the Center for Public Integrity, two storied investigative journalism organizations. Prior to that she was the Executive Director for First Look Institute, home of the documentary studio Field of Vision and the investigative news outlet The Intercept. She also spent 8 years in various roles at National Public Radio.  


Additionally, Kate is an independent consultant, coach and advisor for leaders, teams and local news organizations, supporting them through business and cultural transformation.


Kate has an MBA from the University of Virginia, but is more proud of her hard-earned undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She has lived in or around Washington, DC for more than 20 years with her civil servant partner and 12 year old son, and she’s a cat person.

TSharpp Headshot.jpg

Talia Sharpp

Community Programs


Talia Monet Sharpp (pronouns: they/them and she/her) is a community educator. They graduated from Hampton University in 2018 with a degree in Political Science and completed post-baccalaureate studies in African and African American Studies and Politics at Princeton University. Before joining SEEDS, she served as a Program Coordinator for the LGBTQIA Resource Center at the University of California Davis. Talia’s vocation is creating critical loving, communal spaces of support, agitation, and mitigation of harm for people within their community through collective based leadership. 


As a black queer and nonbinary person, Talia is passionate about supporting communities through the development of programming sensitive to the needs of our community with an aim to dismantle systems of oppression. Talia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in crisis management, facilitation and training to their work as Community Programs Manager at SEEDS. In their free time, Talia enjoys cooking soul food, swimming, and dancing to afrobeats. 

Robin Pomerenke Headshot.jpeg

Robin Pomerenke


Conflict Case Supervisor,

Conflict Transformation Practitioner and Trainer


Social: @mokshacollab (insta)


Robin, a law grad turned professional faerie (children's entertainer), is passionate about growing our capacities for communication involving play and creativity. Growing up in a codependent household, they took on mediation roles early on in their personal life. It wasn't until taking a negotiations class in law school that they began to explore conflict resolution with intention.


Through the UC Hastings Mediation Clinic, they explored mediation in a legal context, spending every week mediating in small claims court. After law school they continued to pursue mediation by working in a program to help curb evictions through housing mediation called Conflict Intervention Service within the SF Bar Association. Throughout all of these experiences, they have continued to show up in extravagant outfits, prioritizing their love of fashion, play and expression in all they do. They are an activist, event organizer, and member of the queer community. Through a focus on feelings and building emotional intelligence, they try to embody the concept of softness as power.  

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