SEEDS employs a highly-skilled team of full-time and part-time conflict transformation professionals.


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Core Staff

AddieRose Mayer

Executive Director

AddieRose Mayer is the Executive Director of SEEDS. She is a dynamic, process-driven, strategic leader with a commitment to increasing social impact in the public, private and non-profit sectors. AddieRose had more than 15 years experience leading and facilitating teams to have brave communication across differences. As a practiced strategic thinker, AddieRose supports individuals, communities and institutions as they lean into discomfort to solve challenging social issues. As a leader and practitioner, AddieRose draws on principles of adult learning, leadership development, human-centered design, and social change. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Health.

An East Coaster in humor and a West Coaster in style, AddieRose lived in New England until moving to the Bay Area in 2010. AddieRose has a passion for cooking and sharing food, spending time in the woods, and connecting with others. AddieRose is proud to be a community leader of the purpose driven community: Thrive East Bay.

Ramsay Boly Headshot.jpg
Ramsay Boly

Community Programs Manager

Ramsay Boly is the Community Programs Manager at SEEDS. He is a Burkinabé-American whose values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures. Ramsay believes that community is the foundation needed to enable sustainable social change and is excited to work with community towards that goal. His practice links community development to restorative justice, spirituality, and decolonial studies. His experiences include being a restorative justice practitioner at U.C. Berkeley’s Restorative Justice Center, teaching African American and Ethnic Studies courses as a Graduate Student Instructor, and being a qigong assistant-instructor. Ramsay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a Master’s of Development Practice.

Ramsay loves connecting with nature, people, and his inner world. He has a childhood passion for soccer which he now loves to coach and is always keen for new experiences and learning.

Sara Cantor

Operations Manager

Sara provides logistical support for the public trainings and group facilitations at SEEDS. She comes to the office after years working with the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective, supporting their training program. She's particularly excited about making mediation/conflict resolution skills accessible to a wider community, as it supports her dreams for a world where our responses to violence do not cause more harm. 


Sara also works as a childcare provider, tutor, and freelance financial coach. In the rare moments that she's not working, she likes talking about astrology, making new friends at the dog park, and kayaking on the Russian River.

Selena Gould

Programs Coordinator

Selena Gould is the Programs Coordinator at SEEDS. At SEEDS, she enjoys supporting all program areas in addition to training, communications, and social media. In her professional and community work, she brings strengths in facilitation and organization to support collaborative groups. As an advocate for social justice and progressive systems, she is thrilled to work for an organization that is invested in equity and community empowerment.


Selena has a strong lens in power dynamics and institutional justice informed by a Bachelor in Sociology from Dickinson College. During her educational tenure, she explored conflict projects in Israel-Palestine and Cameroon, Central Africa. Selena believes that the foundation of meaningful change begins with deconstructing power structures and fostering equitable communities. When not in the office, she enjoys playing the violin, dancing, video games, and having new experiences.

Barbara Lipson

Director of Organizational Effectiveness Services

Barbara Lipson is the Organizational Effectiveness Services (OES) Director for SEEDS. As a member of senior leadership, she supports the strategic direction of the agency, supports programs and works directly with clients.

A dynamic, results-oriented professional, Barbara is experienced in communication administration and program development within non-profit setting. She exemplifies comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of effective communication and emotional intelligence, mediation, facilitation and training, and an aptitude in fostering a positive work environment.

She has been with SEEDS since 2009, mediating and facilitating for businesses, communities, schools, spiritual communities, and public agencies. Over the years, she has trained hundreds of participants on many topics, including conflict resolution, communication, equity and belonging, and leadership skills. 


Barbara has lived in the East Bay since 1988.  She is an artist (specializing in portraiture) and enjoys spending time with her family.

Lauren Lofton Headshot.png

Lauren Lofton

Special Projects Manager

This photo expresses the gender expansiveness of this staff member. Thank you to non-binary and transgender professionals who paved the way with gender diverse headshots.

Lauren Lofton (they/them) is the Special Projects Manager for SEEDS. They support business development, program projects in partnership with the leadership team, facilitate the organization's communications teams including the Board of Directors, staff members and volunteers and support funding development projects in support of a sustainable business model. Lauren's speciality areas include effective program implementation and impact, development of SEEDS' theory of action, and organization-wide program evaluation. Lauren joined the SEEDS community in 2017 as a mediator, facilitator, and trainer (conflict resolution, communication, diversity, equity, inclusion). 

Lauren is a bi-racial Black attorney, a proud member of the LGBT+ community, and a born and raised San Franciscan. They enjoy spending time with loved ones, swimming, travelling and writing. They are a firm believer "the impossible" is possible. They believe our collective liberation is inevitable through the uprooting of systems of oppression and the planting of SEEDS of conflict transformation in support of a new and different world. They also believe in resting for resilience. 

karina norton


School Services Coordinator

karina (they/them) is a mediator, healer, transformative justice (TJ) practitioner, and digital organizer that takes a collaborative, collectivist approach to movement, accountability, and education work. After graduating from Vassar College with concentrations in Africana Studies, Political Science, and Francophone Studies, they joined the Spring Up collective doing TJ work, which introduced them to Restorative Justice and the SEEDS family. karina is a facilitator and coach with Spring Up, a coach and organizer with the Newburgh LGBTQ Center, and an advocate for Disabled, mad, and mentally ill students with Project LETS in addition to their capacity as Interim School Services Coordinator. They love tending to their plants, creating spaces that center joy and laughter, and believe that building intentional, accountable relationships and communities rooted in care and consent can transform our worlds.

Robin Pomerenke Headshot.jpeg

Robin Pomerenke


Mediation Case Supervisor

Robin, a law grad turned professional faerie (children's entertainer), is passionate about growing our capacities for communication involving play and creativity. They are joining us as the interim Case Supervisor for the Community Mediation program. Growing up in a codependent household, they took on mediation roles early on in their personal life. It wasn't until taking a negotiations class in law school that they began to explore conflict resolution with intention.


Through the UC Hastings Mediation Clinic, they explored mediation in a legal context, spending every week mediating in small claims court. After law school they continued to pursue mediation by working in a program to help curb evictions through housing mediation called Conflict Intervention Service within the SF Bar Association. Throughout all of these experiences, they have continued to show up in extravagant outfits, prioritizing their love of fashion, play and expression in all they do. They are an activist, event organizer, and member of the queer community. Through a focus on feelings and building emotional intelligence, they try to embody the concept of softness as power.