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Mediation services are provided by trained volunteers, supervised by SEEDS staff. All mediators and case developers volunteer their time to provide these valuable services to the community.

Interested in starting a Mediation Case?


You may start a case for yourself or someone else using the links below. Please read our What to Expect at Community Mediation and Steps of the Mediation Process pamphlets to familiarize yourself with our model. 

Factors to consider before requesting mediation with SEEDS...


  • Mediation is Voluntary: 
    Do you anticipate the person or people with whom you are interested in mediating would choose to attend voluntarily? If not, mediation may not be the best option for you. Our process requires people are choosing to participate. 


  • Mediation is not Legally Binding and Mediators are not Lawyers: 
    If you have any concerns about your legal rights, we recommend speaking with a lawyer prior to requesting mediation. Mediators are not judges or lawyers, and will not be providing advice during the mediation. In the mediation process, if parties come to agreement, it is NOT legally binding through mediation. 


  • Mediation typically takes multiple weeks to schedule: 
    Are the issues you are looking to mediate urgent? Given the high volume of requests, we typically find it takes 2-3 weeks to schedule a mediation once we have contacted all the parties involved. 

Due to a high volume of cases, we request that clients complete a "Start a case online" / "Inciar una Mediación" form below. Thank you for your understanding.


Online forms will be prioritized over initial call-ins and emails.


Select one:


I'd like to start a mediation for myself


I'd like to refer someone for mediation

Iniciar una Mediación

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