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40-Hour Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certification


Become a Certified Mediator and join SEEDS' 40 Hour Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training. The below options are ideal for individuals looking to learn techniques in how to communicate effectively and be better prepared to deal with conflicts that arise at home or at work.

“This class changed my life and the way that I look at everything.  I use the skills I gained in this class daily. I plan to work in the conflict resolution field and because of this training not only has my professional life changed for the better, my personal and family relationships have improved” - Tim Long, 2012 graduate of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Skills Training Course


Topics and Skills to be Covered Include:


  • Communication Skills: Active listening, empathizing, asking clarifying questions, checking assumptions, identifying possible solutions

  • Conflict Styles: Identifying and supporting with different conflict styles

  • Power, Culture, and Identity: The impact race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, education etc. have on conflicts and mediation

  • Mediation Skills: Fostering multi-partiality and respect, identifying and framing issues, facilitating communication and negotiation, dealing with power dynamics, biases, feelings, and assumptions

  • Model of Mediation: SEEDS Mediation model

  • Practice Sessions: Extensive mediation practice in small groups with coaching

  • Hands-on Practice: Time to practice new skills through role plays and experiential activities


: register early, these trainings typically fill at least 6-8 weeks in advance.


Foundational Mediation Skills

ONLINE Training


Are you interested in learning more about mediation but not ready to commit to our full 40-hr certification training? Then this is for you! In this training you will learn the SEEDS approach to effective communication, mediation, and conflict resolution. 

Price: $TBA

*We will be accepting financial aid applications!

Have questions? Email for inquiries. 

40-Hour Mediation Certification ONLINE Training

This training features 30 hours of in classroom training participation and 10 hours of supplemental, self-directed curriculum. Certificates will reflect the number of hours completed.

Price: $TBA*

*We will be accepting financial aid applications!

Have questions? Email for inquiries. 

Financial Aid Information

Our funds for the financial aid program come from students who pay the full fee, so please consider supporting community and equity by paying the full tuition. Folks who are seeking financial support should first fill out our financial aid form prior to the workshop registration. Each workshop has a deadline for receiving financial aid applications. Folks who demonstrate financial need and are approved for financial aid will notified 1 week after the financial aid deadline.

We reserve several spots for those receiving financial aid separate from the registration spaces available for those paying full fee. Even if the registration appears full online, that does not impact our ability to offer financial aid. If you are not offered financial aid for the training you applied you, you have the option to be added to a waitlist for future training opportunities.


For more information or to fill out the financial aid application, email

Training Policies and Disclaimers

Training Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel 28 days (4 weeks) or more before the training, your fee will be refunded, minus a $25 processing fee

  • If you cancel 14- 27 days before training, 50% of your fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel within 2 weeks (1-13 days), there is no refund; however, you can offer your spot to someone else within your network

  • If you cancel once the training begins, there is no refund or credit voucher. Exceptions may be made in case of emergencies - contact the office for more details.

  • SEEDS cannot offer transfers to another training at the participant request.

Training Absence Policy:

  • In order to complete the 40-hour certification for:

    • The Intensive Trainings: you may not take any time of absence during the training to fulfill the requirements for a 40-hour certificate. In the event of a personal emergency or unplanned absence, your certificate will reflect the number of hours successfully completed. We do not have availability to make up missed time.

    • The Weekly Trainings: Up to 3 hours (one class) can be made-up through the completion of assigned material. In the event of a personal emergency or additional unplanned absence, your certificate will reflect the number of hours successfully completed.

Content Disclaimer:

  • These introductory trainings of mediation feature content and discussion regarding race, power dynamics, and privilege in society.

  • Folx attending these trainings including trainers come from various lived experiences and understandings.

  • BIPOC and other marginalized folx do not have to carry the additional burden of educating anyone while attending.

  • Please know that you have autonomy to engage and care for yourself as you need for your own wellbeing.

Recording Disclaimer (Online Trainings):

  • Portions of these trainings will be recorded for internal and external training purposes.

  • SEEDS will only capture lecture portions of the trainings and will not be capturing personal information.

  • You may turn off your video when speaking if you would not like to be recorded during a recorded section.

  • Participants will NOT receive a copy of the training recordings.

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