Through dialogue, our trained mediators can help you address conflict and move towards shared goals. We understand the possibility of conflict as a generative force.


Are you a community member in the Bay Area or beyond seeking support for a personal conflict?

Do you work for a business/organization seeking support for workplace conflict?

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SEEDS also offers remote mediations and one-on-one Conflict Coaching.

What is Mediation?


Mediation provides a supportive place where people can talk through their conflict in a productive manner. A mediator helps people in conflict:


  • Communicate for better understanding


  • Identify the issues and each party’s interests


  • Develop creative solutions


  • Negotiate a lasting agreement that works for everyone


  • Mediation agreements are not legally binding. We do not give legal advice, but we can refer you to the appropriate legal agency to help with your case.

Mediation Services Are:


  • Restorative: Mediation honors relationships and helps build better communication and understanding.


  • Effective: 75-80% of cases end with a satisfactory resolution for all.


  • Confidential: Statements you make in mediation cannot be used in civil court without your permission.


  • Affordable: Sliding scale means no one is turned away because of inability to pay.


  • Voluntary: Mediation is based on the voluntary cooperation and good faith of the parties.