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Nupur Behera is an educator, healer, and artist based in the Bay Area. She approaches her work with a social justice lens, and weaves art and traditional holistic healing modalities from her culture into her practice. Nupur has a background in community organizing and has worked with youth of color and families for over a decade, her focus being to cultivate tools of healing and critical analysis through community, connection, storytelling, dialog, and art.

Nupur Behera

Restorative Practices


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Deb Brill

Restorative Practices Trainer

Deb Brill (she/her/hers) is currently the Principal of Albany Middle School.  Prior to her current role, she has been the Safe and Inclusive Schools Coordinator and a sixth grade teacher there for many years.  Her desire to impact education on a systemic level is what led her to her role as principal. In her role, she has done a lot of work with restorative practices. She has also directed after school and summer programs in range of different communities.  Deb has also volunteered for the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program mediating conversations between youth offenders and their victims, and volunteered in crisis response for battered women's shelters. Deb also co-founded ASC (Aware Seek Communicate) a training and consulting business that focuses on intersectional identity and communication and equity.  She is excited to join the SEEDS team.

Tatiana Chaterji


Tatiana Chaterji is proud to join SEEDS as a trainer in conflict mediation and restorative justice. With over a decade of experience in schools, prisons, re-entry, juvenile justice, and community settings, she brings deep commitment to peacebuilding, violence prevention, and healing. She pulls from multiple traditions to transform harm and create alternatives to the criminalization of wrongdoing.


Tatiana is a big believer in the SEEDS model to address and challenge social inequity. She integrates tools from conflict mediation to recover human connection across people at different ends of historical injustice, and seeks opportunity for dialogue and accountability for systemic oppression and the ways it manifests in interpersonal relationships.  


Tatiana has been involved in restorative justice in Oakland Unified School District since its inception in 2010, currently working as RJ facilitator at Fremont High School. She has served as training advisor with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and RJ teaching artist with Community Works West. As a theater artist and storyteller, Tatiana develops cultural resistance strategies with youth and community members to activate social movements. She hosts learning laboratories in Theatre of the Oppressed with Partners for Collaborative Change. She has been been recognized as a leader in holding trauma-informed, liberatory spaces with incarcerated people in participatory theater and personal transformation. Learn more at

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Kusum Crimmel’s work is to inspire people to live more deeply and firmly into accountability and integrity, thereby accessing higher levels of joy and embodied love.  She is a facilitator of transformational change and creates space for truth, (re)conciliation, and healing to reclaim our humanity and the humanity of others.   She has spent nearly two decades working with teenagers; eleven of those years at Oakland Tech High School where she built up a vibrant and highly acclaimed, peer-based Restorative Justice program.  She is an LCSW, has 10 years of rape-crisis counseling experience and more than 8 plus years of training with Generative Somatics, expanding her understanding of trauma and the impact of interpersonal, generational and socially pervasive trauma (racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.).  She is a co-creator of FacingIn, a restorative justice consulting business, and recently launched another business, Dissecting Whiteness, which offers services to people and organizations invested in dismantling whiteness and white supremacy and the healing of those impacted by racialized harm and conflict. 


She is a single parent to an eleven–year-old singer, dancer and budding actress.  She is auntie to a bright and courageous one-and-a-half-year old, and an ongoing mentor to countless young people who she has connected with over the last seventeen years. Dance is her favorite form of therapy and she loves to laugh until her belly hurts. 

Kusum Crimmel


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Sarah Dobson grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and has been a violence prevention educator and conflict transformation practitioner in the US, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. She earned her M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding from the UN mandated University for Peace and has a particular passion for preventing gender based violence and restorative responses to identity-based harm. Previously the Mediation Case Supervisor at SEEDS, she currently works as a Restorative Justice Coordinator at Berkeley High. She loves petting dogs, playing ultimate frisbee, and walking slowly in thick forests.

Sarah Dobson


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Yvette Durazo

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Yvette Durazo, MA, ACC is the principal consultant of Unitive Consulting, a workplace effectiveness, strategic conflict management, and leadership development firm.  Mr. Durazo brings innovative techniques to promote a positive workplace culture in organizations to encourage trust, productive human capital engagement, and inclusion. Clients benefit from her wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the art of building a trusting workplace relationship. Some of her services included, training, mediating conflicts in the workplace, anti-bullying prevention, settlement negotiations, developing dispute system design, and bringing unique strategies to address the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workplace.  


She is passionate about optimizing professionals and teams to engage in constructive problem-solving communication toward instilling respect, civility, and collaboration. She believes that human conflict is one of the most important things organizations must learn to work with and harness to overcome any derailing of employees’ performance and engagement. Her methodologies are like a vitamin that is the breath of life to the immunity of organizations. 


Presently, Yvette is an instructor for the Human Resource Management Certification program at the University of California, Santa Clara Extension Silicon Valley. She also teaches for Portland State University Mediation Skill courses for undergraduate students.  She holds an ACC coaching credential from the International Coach Federation, a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Peacebuilding from California State University Dominguez Hills, and an undergraduate degree in International Business from San Diego State University. She is certified in H.R. Management, mediator, restorative justice facilitator, project management and non-violence communication specialist. She is a former Core Adjunct Professor at National University, where she taught courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Communication for over six years. She is also the former ADR Program Administrator for the Superior Court of California, Alameda County.  Yvette is fully bilingual in Spanish and has expertise with cultural diversity and inclusion. 

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Andrew Greenia

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Andrew Greenia (he/him) is an educator, facilitator, and mediator based in Oakland, CA. In addition to his role as a Conflict Transformation Practitioner at SEEDS, Andrew serves full-time as a Consultant at Promise54 - a national education consulting non-profit focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

Growing up in and around Detroit, Andrew witnessed firsthand the impact of racist education structures and segregation. As a white cisgender man from a working-class, multi-racial family, Andrew recognizes both the effect of these historical inequities on communities of color as well as his own stake in unlearning internalized patriarchy and white supremacy. In striving to counteract cultures of dominance and disconnect by cultivating cultures of inclusion and belonging, Andrew has grounded his work in one simple question: “How do we build relationships across difference?” This question has led Andrew to engage in work rooted in community organizing, conflict transformation, civic education, intergroup dialogue, and leadership coaching. 

Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in Sociology and received an M.Ed. in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he was an Equity & Inclusion Fellow. In addition to his professional work, Andrew can be found honing his barbering skills, listening to hip hop, or cooking a vegan meal.

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Dr. Komoia Johnson

Restorative Practices


Dr. Komoia Johnson is an experienced practitioner, trainer, coach, and curriculum designer in restorative justice (RJ) and conflict resolution practices in the Bay Area since 2002. Her training audience includes TK-12th grade school staff, students, and families, higher education professors, and community-based organizations as well as students in teacher and mental health professional undergraduate and graduate school training programs. In addition to her consultancy practice, Dr. Johnson is currently the Co-Program Director for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) and a trainer for SEEDS. Her work incorporates supporting schools, communities, and organizations with system-wide RJ implementation, training, and coaching. She has worked in and with many primary and secondary school communities and community-based organizations, throughout the Bay Area, for over 25 years. As she continues to work in service of young people and adults, Dr. Johnson is consistently strengthening her skill set by partnering with various communities to cultivate healthy positive relationships, which is a significant and vital component to all that she does.

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Latriece Love-Goodlett


Latriece Love-Goodlett is the former Community Programs Manager at SEEDS, and she has now transitioned into a new role as a trainer. She is excited to work for an organization that is deeply committed to cultivating community, relationships, and nurturing the transformative ability brought about by sitting with, reflecting on, and working through conflict and difficult conversations, including the stories we tell ourselves and share with others. She feels deeply moved by the empowerment that comes from participating in the work of holding space, acknowledging our humanity, and meeting people where they are to transform their lives. She believes that what we do each day matters and the prospect of working for SEEDS is an opportunity she relishes. It is an opportunity each day to practice Kuumba, with the hope of leaving the community in a more beautiful and beneficial condition than that in which we inherited it.

Latriece holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Sonoma State University from the Hutchins Program. She enjoys being of service and encouraging people to be their authentic and whole selves as well as speaking their truths. She has several years of work experience in the private sector, local and federal governments, and non-profits. In her spare time, Latriece likes to sing and perform live music and spoken word and spend time with her loving family. She aspires every day to be the best version of herself so that she can make her ancestors, family and herself proud. Latriece believes doing so acknowledges and ensures that the collective sacrifices, endurance, trials, good deeds, and triumphs are not in vain.

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Patrice Miller

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Patrice Miller is delighted to work at SEEDS as an interim part-time conflict transformation practitioner and a volunteer conflict mediator and coach.  She earned her conflict resolution certificate with SEEDS in February 2020.  One of her passions is to help organizations transform unhealthy conflict to healthy communication and minimize harassment and discriminatory behaviors.


Patrice is the author of the Top Five Things to Consider Before Filing an Employee Relations Complaint, and How to File an Effective Complaint, and has specialized in human resources, including equal employment opportunity and employee relations investigations and training, conflict management, performance management, and leadership development, as well as other areas of HR for over 20 years.


Patrice holds a bachelor’s degree in HR management from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a certified professional coach (CPC) from the institute of professional excellence in coaching (iPEC).

Patrice is founder of DreamGoals Coaching LLC, which provides services in employee relations and conflict management.

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Kimi Mojica


Kimi Mojica joined SEEDS in 2017 as an affiliate trainer, facilitator and mediator and has been helping individuals and organizations initiate positive change. They hold a Masters degree in Conflict Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon School of Law. Guided by a love of experiential learning, has worked in the fields of higher education and philanthropy for over 15 years with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, communication, leadership and team development. As a dedicated practitioner of Vipassana meditation since 2003, her pedagogy is firmly grounded in Buddhist principles of compassion, mindfulness and liberation. Kimi’s work in the field of peace studies extends to incorporating restorative justice/circle practices with dharma practitioners at the East Bay Meditation Center, in addition to teaching self-defense as a radical embodiment practice at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo and Self Defense Center, both in Oakland, CA.


Kimi currently serves as the Director of Programs at the International House at UC Berkeley and has been invited to speak, train and facilitate nationally at Wisdom 2.0, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity and the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation among others.

Suzanne Pegas Headshot.png
Suzanne Pegas

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Suzanne is an educator, restorative justice practitioner, mediator, activist, and naturalist, with a deep commitment to attending to human and natural ecosystems. She has 25 years of experience creating experiential learning opportunities for youth and adults. As well, Suzanne has decades of experience facilitating group efforts toward consensus while holding diverging interests. As a queer woman of Greek, Mexican, English, and German ancestry, Suzanne remains engaged in exploring the complexities, privileges, and liabilities of embodying Mexican ancestry and white skin privilege. Suzanne’s work is informed by the UNtraining, Vipassana meditation, 12-step process, activism around homelessness, police brutality, and environmental justice. Most recently she worked as a restorative justice facilitator for Oakland Unified Schools. She loves singing and being on her bicycle.

Robin Pomerenke Headshot.jpeg

Robin Pomerenke

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Robin, a law grad turned professional faerie (children's entertainer), is passionate about growing our capacities for communication involving play and creativity. Growing up in a codependent household, they took on mediation roles early on in their personal life. It wasn't until taking a negotiations class in law school that they began to explore conflict resolution with intention.


Through the UC Hastings Mediation Clinic, they explored mediation in a legal context, spending every week mediating in small claims court. After law school they continued to pursue mediation by working in a program to help curb evictions through housing mediation called Conflict Intervention Service within the SF Bar Association. Throughout all of these experiences, they have continued to show up in extravagant outfits, prioritizing their love of fashion, play and expression in all they do. They are an activist, event organizer, and member of the queer community. Through a focus on feelings and building emotional intelligence, they try to embody the concept of softness as power.  

Adriana L. Scott Headshot.JPG

Adriana L. Scott

Conflict Transformation Practitioner

Adriana L. Scott (She/Her) is a Conflict Transformation Practitioner for SEEDS. She renders interventions for organizations and local communities through mediation, facilitation, coaching and short term discussions. 

As a middle child growing up in a traditional Jamaican household, Adriana instinctively embraced the role of mediator, not only between her siblings but also her parents. Having experienced various instances of trauma while coming into her own being, Adriana has worked intently to understand and address the effects of those situations, ultimately defining and refining her sense of self to be one filled with peace, empathy, and growth. Adriana gravitates toward people, connecting beyond the surface to create a safe space rooted in the heart of who one is, and how they desire to express themselves unapologetically.  

Adriana strives to be a beacon of hope in her community, and she endeavors to cultivate a culture where conflict is no longer seen as a hindrance to progress, but rather an opportunity for positive social change. She strives to empower people of color to embrace conflict, difference and  the healing of trauma as a means of sustaining interpersonal relationships.

Adriana holds a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies. Adriana integrates mediation tools to bond human connections by searching for and deepening opportunities for intersectionality, specifically through the combination of meaningful dialogue, accountability and the compassionate recognition of each party’s individual values and interests.

In her spare time, Adriana is a proud bun mom to two adorable rabbits, Charlotte and Winter. She also advocates for youth in the foster care system, empowers friendships and connections through social events including pool tournaments, dancing, hiking events, and plays a role in organizing events that inspire healthy living.


Rafi Silberblatt is a Director at Kearns & West with a background in stakeholder engagement, facilitation, planning and conflict resolution. Rafi's training includes a Master's Degree in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley with a focus on participatory processes as well as SEEDS' Mediation course. Over the years he has worked on a wide array of projects running the gamut from strategic planning sessions with government agencies, startups and non-profits, to negotiations between solar developers and unions, to environmental justice outreach on behalf of the California High-Speed Rail project, to land use disputes between neighbors.

Rafi Silberblatt


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Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith is a veteran teacher of 18 years K-8 and a facilitator of special curricula related to health education, mental health wellness, community building, mediation, restorative practices for individuals and large groups. Phoebe is also a certified mediator through Community Boards San Francisco and the SEEDS Organization of Berkeley. She is the lead Restorative Practices Specialist for Novato Unified School District and Organizational Development process facilitator and consultant. Phoebe has earned a Masters in Public Health, Community Organization and a Masters in Education, Curriculum Development. She specializes in implementing and integrating the Restorative Practices model in schools and agencies, as well as guiding staff, students, organizations and families through the restorative practices healing and community building process.

Conflict Transformation Practitioner and Trainer

Adisa Stewart headshot.jpeg
Adisa Stewart

Restorative Practices Trainer

Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Adisa Stewart (he/him) is a Trauma-Informed Liberatory Somatic Coach, Community Mental Health Practitioner, Restorative Justice Facilitator, and an Embodied Educator. He works at the intersections of somatic (body-centered) healing, personal and social change, youth and leadership development, arts and activism, dance/movement therapy, conflict transformation, and community mental health. Adisa received his MA counseling degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). 

He began his leadership work as a community youth organizer in NYC in 2010, and then from there towards a life-long journey of leadership coaching for individuals and collectives. Adisa has more than 5 plus years of training with Generative Somatics as a somatic coach. He combines his training as a Somatic Psychotherapist with his somatic coach training to offer liberatory life and leadership coaching with a therapeutic ground. Adisa is especially committed to supporting young people as they develop their skills and connect more authentically to their voice, strengths, and creative tools that support them to manifest their dreams, longings, and visions for themselves and their communities. 

He is also passionate about taking Afro-Diasporic and Latinx dance classes, performing arts theater, healing through connecting with nature, traditional African and Afro-Indigenous spirituality, plant and herbal medicine, and learning new cooking recipes from his homeland, Trinidad.