Community Mediation Services

Through dialogue, our trained mediators can help you address conflict and move towards shared goals. We understand the possibility of conflict as a generative force.


Got conflict? 

Mediation can help with…

  • Family & Relationship Issues

  • Neighbor Conflict

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues

  • Business Transactions

  • Workplace Disputes

  • Zoning & Permit Planning

  • Police & Court Referrals

What is Mediation?


Mediation provides a supportive place where people can talk through their conflict in a productive manner.


A mediator helps people in conflict:


  • Communicate for better understanding


  • Identify the issues and each party’s interests


  • Develop creative solutions


  • Negotiate a lasting agreement that works for everyone


  • SEEDS’ mediation services are NOT arbitration.  Mediation agreements are not legally binding, and mediators do not decide who is right or wrong. The parties make the agreement; the mediators are there to help the parties communicate. We do not give legal advice, but we can refer you to the appropriate legal agency to help with your case.

Mediation Services Are:


  • Restorative: Mediation honors relationships and helps build better communication and understanding.


  • Effective: 75-80% of cases end with a satisfactory resolution for all.


  • Confidential: Statements you make in mediation cannot be used in civil court without your permission.


  • Affordable: Sliding scale means no one is turned away because of inability to pay.


  • Voluntary: Mediation is based on the voluntary cooperation and good faith of the parties.

Start a Mediation 



  • Call the office (510) 548-2377 to speak with a Case Developer. 


  • Use our online form to start a case for yourself or someone else using the below links:


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