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Thank you to our...

2019 CCG Sponsors


SEEDS Visionaries ($5000)


SEEDS Leaders ($2500)

Paul Steckel and Mo Morris

SEEDS Benefactors ($500)

Bohbot & Riles, PC

Barbara Sternfeld

Mark Jacobs and Daniel Barash

Betsy Candler

SEEDS Partners ($250)

David Brandon

SEEDS Donors (<$250)

Lynn Cooper

Joy Delizo-Osborne

2020 CCG Sponsors

SEEDS Mature Forest ($5000)

Ray Lader

SEEDS Sapling ($1000)

Paul Steckel

Susan and Ken Kawaichi

SEEDS-ling ($500)

David Brandon

Mark Jacobs and Daniel Barash

SEEDS Sprout ($250)

Ilana Novak

Ted Mayer

Jennifer Bullock

Lynn Cooper

Greg Leventis

Betsy Candler

Jeff Sloan

Mark Miyasaki

Would you like to become a sponsor? Learn about the imapct YOU can make!

SEEDS is Proud to Work with These Partners:

Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Greenwood, Harley & Oberman Foundation
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