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When mediation is not possible, conflict coaching is a great option to get support and develop strategies to navigate a difficult conflict that’s impacting you.


SEEDS’ provides confidential one-on-one Conflict Coaching sessions to help our clients process and problem solve specific issues. We connect clients with conflict resolution experts with training in effective active listening and communication techniques. In 90 minute sessions, your coach will use deep listening to support you to understand your current situation more clearly and from different perspectives, and walk you through the process from where you are to where you would like to be. 


To schedule your conflict coaching session, call SEEDS at 510-542-9238 to complete an intake and get connected with a Coach.


How much does Conflict Coaching cost?

The cost for Conflict Coaching follows the same fee structure as mediations. 


How long does it take to schedule?

Conflict coaching sessions are scheduled 1-2 weeks after a completed intake. (Clients requiring a faster response may want to seek out private coaches or mediators.)


What if I need ongoing conflict coaching?

Designed to support and address a specific conflict, SEEDS provides up to 3 Conflict Coaching sessions. Clients with situations that require longer-term support may want to seek out private coaches or therapeutic services.

All of our mediation and conflict coaching services are provided by trained volunteers, supervised by SEEDS staff. All mediators and conflict coaches volunteer their time to provide these valuable services to the community.

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