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Due to downsizing, SEEDS is closing its School Services division after June 30, 2023.


If you’re seeking support for your school, educational institution, or youth-based nonprofit with training, mediation, restorative justice, facilitation, or other conflict/communication services, consider contacting one of our former School Services SEEDS staff/ practitioners below:

Kelen Laine
she/her or they/them


Kelen Laine (she/her or they/them) has been exploring the healing of interdependence, with a focus on conflict transformation, trauma healing, and complex living systems, for the last 14 years.  As a facilitator, trainer, coach, mediator, and companion, she is honored to support others to heal and evolve our relationships and the webs they exist within. She brings deep ecology, intergenerational somatic healing, harm repair, communication skills, grief work, and candid explorations of emotions, accountability, shame, consent, and soul to groups reaching for generative relationships and more holistic belonging. 

Kelen is a graduate of Duke University.  Her experience is extensively multi-cultural and includes restorative justice, public education, crisis response, de-escalation, conflict resolution, domestic violence and sexual assault counseling, youth care, human resources, and consulting.  She has also worked as an organic veggie farmer, in the Alaska salmon industry, and in ecological regeneration.

She deeply values integrity, friendship, bodies, music, genuine soulful presence, houseplants, great lighting, the rawness of winter ocean storms, the subtleties in peoples' faces, exploring the world by bike, dancing from the inside out, and whatever liberates the inner creature in each of us.

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10_36_36 AM.webp

Kusum Crimmel




Kusum Crimmel’s work is to inspire people to live more deeply and firmly into accountability and integrity, thereby accessing higher levels of joy and embodied love.  She is a facilitator of transformational change and creates space for truth, (re)conciliation, and healing to reclaim our humanity and the humanity of others.   She has spent nearly two decades working with teenagers; eleven of those years at Oakland Tech High School where she built up a vibrant and highly acclaimed, peer-based Restorative Justice program.  She is an LCSW, has 10 years of rape-crisis counseling experience and more than 8 plus years of training with Generative Somatics, expanding her understanding of trauma and the impact of interpersonal, generational and socially pervasive trauma (racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.).  She is a co-creator of FacingIn, a restorative justice consulting business, and recently launched another business, Dissecting Whiteness, which offers services to people and organizations invested in dismantling whiteness and white supremacy and the healing of those impacted by racialized harm and conflict. 


She is a single parent to a fourteen-year old singer, dancer and budding actress.  She is auntie to a bright and courageous four-year old, and an ongoing mentor to countless young people who she has connected with over the last seventeen years. Dance is her favorite form of therapy and she loves to laugh until her belly hurts.

Phoebe Headshjot.webp

Phoebe Smith

Conflict Transformation Practitioner and Trainer


Contact Info:



Phoebe Smith (she/her) is a veteran teacher of 18 years K-8 and a facilitator of special curricula related to health education, mental health wellness, community building, mediation, and restorative practices for individuals and large groups. Phoebe is also a certified mediator through Community Boards San Francisco and the SEEDS Organization of Berkeley.


She currently works as a Restorative Practices Practitioner supporting academic communities and organizations in RP training, implementation, and integration. With 10 years of experience, Phoebe is a highly recommended RP trainer circle keeper, and coach.


Phoebe has earned a Master's in Public Health, Community Organization, and a Master's in Education, Curriculum Development. She specializes in coaching and guiding staff, students, organizations, and families through restorative practices healing, and community-building processes. 


Phoebe loves taking long walks with her partner Mark and fur-baby Bella Blu and going on road trips short and long.

Dr_ Sherry Congrave-Wilson Headshot.webp

Dr. Sherry Congrave Wilson

Founder/ Executive Director/ Practitioner- The Town Project




Dr. Sherry’s main role as the former SEEDS’ Director of School Services was supporting  schools and youth serving organizations to be restorative  in service of students, their families and their communities. She is the founder and executive director of the Town Project, a newly formed nonprofit organization committed to continuing the important restorative justice/ conflict mediation educational work she did for  SEEDS. 

She started her career as a high school Social Studies teacher in San Diego and San Lorenzo, California. She then shifted her focus to nonprofit management while earning a Masters in Educational Equity and Social Justice at San Francisco State University. She eventually continued her graduate studies and earned a doctorate in Educational Equity and an administrative credential at Mills College where she conducted an indepth case study about a restorative justice teacher/ practitioner. She has conducted domestic and global educational research in the U.S., China, Japan and Cameroon highlighting  issues around equity, racial identity development and arts based education. 

She is excited to work with 6 practitioners to continue RJ training, leadership coaching,  conflict mediation services and the launching of an online RJ Educator Network.

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