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SEEDS School Services
Building the Relational Capacity of School Systems
Serving adults, benefitting youth


The primary purpose of SEEDS School Services is to support the development of effective, relational school processes and systems. We help schools to build community and intentional, responsive relationships that can be restored when conflict and harm occur. We seek to position educators to do their best work in service of young people.


To support relational school systems effectiveness, we provide facilitation, training and coaching in:

  • Transition Management

  • Interest-based Decision Making

  • Team Building

  • Customer Service

  • Feedback

  • Engagement


To support restorative school practices, and schools that are committed to pursuing Restorative Justice for their students, we provide facilitation, training and coaching in:

  • Community Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Restorative Inquiry

  • Verbal De-escalation

  • Harm Repair

  • Relationship Restoration

  • Positive School Culture and Climate Development


Watch this video to hear directly from students about the impact of our restorative justice program on their campus! 


SEEDS School Services foster positive relationships among and between educators and students, thereby increasing students’ engagement in school, and maximizing the effectiveness of the adults who serve them. SEEDS School Services can serve to strengthen the essential links between students, their peers, their families and their educators.


School Services are:


RESTORATIVE:  Cultivating healthy and productive culture and relationships while decreasing conflict and harm.


CUSTOMIZED: Custom designed service plans that reflect your school’s unique needs.


SUSTAINABLE: Professional training and consulting services that build capacity for service sustainability.


School Services include:

  • Training and implementation coaching:

    • Restorative Practices/ Restorative Justice

    • Building the capacity of relational school systems

      • Effective communication strategies
      • Feedback

      • Customer service

      • Facilitation

      • Transition management

      • Interest-based decision making

      • Managing educators in times of conflict and change

  • Direct Services:

    • Team/community building

    • Retreat planning and facilitation

    • Meeting facilitation

    • Adult mediation and conflict resolution services



Are you interested in working with SEEDS to bring Restorative Justice practices and principles into your school, community, or organization? Contact us at (510) 548-2377 Ext. 117 or send us a message

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