Restorative Justice in Schools

RJ student group at a Pittsburg Unified middle school, leading circle with students, teachers and SEEDS RJ Coordinators.

Proud to be providing Restorative Justice services to 15 schools throughout 

Northern California!

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What is Restorative Justice in Schools?


Restorative Justice in schools is a set of principles and practices that build community and involve processes that restore relationships when harm has occurred. Restorative Justice practices support and compliment current school initiatives and can be used to positively impact school culture, discipline, and academic needs. 


We work with district and school administrators to create comprehensive restorative initiatives that weave restorative practices into all aspects of school life.


This includes:


  • Coaching, consulting, modeling and training in  Restorative Practices

  • Restorative alternatives to punitive disciplinary policies

  • Equitable alternatives to detention/suspension/expulsion

  • Proactive Community Building Circles

  • Conflict Resolution (Harm) Circles

  • Restorative Conferences and Mediation

Implementing restorative justice at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley.

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