Building Restorative Spaces

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Restorative spaces require intentional crafting and inter-personal skills to enable constructive engagement and healthy learning in the face of conflict and differences. Join SEEDS' 3 session series to learn practical tools that will help you build more restorative spaces within your various circles!


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3 Amazing Workshops
Attend as a series or as individual workshops!
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Values & Agreements

Setting the container with values and agreements shapes a healthier culture for engagement by collectively building trust. When conflict and harm arise, it is easier to address when this important pre-work has been done to establish how members in a space want to be in relationship. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use circle practice to build a container that acknowledges and honors individual members.

Dates: January 27 & April 21, 2022


Time: 2:00 - 4:30pm PST  /  5:00 - 7:30pm EST

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Effective Communication


The culture of our spaces are shaped and reinforced through the daily conversations we have with each other. Effective communication requires presence and intentionality in your engagements which allows for deeper trust and healthier relationships to be built. In this workshop we will learn and practice tools for effective communication that will improve your ability to engage with others so that all parties can feel heard, acknowledged, and supported.

Guest trainer: Selena Gould


Dates: February 23 & May 26, 2022

Time: 2:00 - 4:30pm PST  /  5:00 - 7:30pm EST

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Difficult Conversations: Power, Culture & Identity*


Implicit power dynamics and systems of oppression ingrained in society are reflected in the interpersonal and collective behaviors that make up the culture of our spaces. Navigating cultural and identity-based differences can be difficult and even harmful. In this workshop you’ll learn how Values & Agreements, Effective Communication Skills and other tools can help you address and transform these conflicts

*The first 2 workshops are required to attend Difficult Conversations: Power, Culture & Identity. An exception may be made if you have previously taken a mediation or restorative justice training with SEEDS.

Trained by: karina norton and Robin Pomerenke


Dates: March 30 & June 23, 2022

Time: 2:00 - 4:30pm PST  /  5:00 - 7:30pm EST

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Ramsay Boly

Meet the Trainer!


Ramsay Boly is the Community Programs Manager at SEEDS. He is a Burkinabé-American whose values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures. Ramsay believes that community is the foundation needed to enable sustainable social change and is excited to work with community towards that goal. His practice links community development to restorative justice, spirituality, and decolonial studies. His experiences include being a restorative justice practitioner at U.C. Berkeley’s Restorative Justice Center, teaching African American and Ethnic Studies courses as a Graduate Student Instructor, and being a qigong assistant-instructor. Ramsay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a Master’s of Development Practice.

Ramsay loves connecting with nature, people, and his inner world. He has a childhood passion for soccer which he now loves to coach and is always keen for new experiences and learning.

Additional Information

WHERE: Zoom (link included in registration)




  • Thursday, January 27 - Values & Agreements

  • Wednesday, February 23 - Effective Communication Skills

  • Wednesday, March 30 - Difficult Conversations: Power, Culture, & Identity*

  • Thursday, April 21 - Values & Agreements

  • Thursday, May 26 - Effective Communication Skills

  • Thursday, June 23 - Difficult Conversations: Power, Culture, & Identity*

*The first 2 workshops are required to attend Difficult Conversations: Power, Culture & Identity. An exception may be made if you have previously taken a mediation or restorative justice training with SEEDS.



2:00 - 4:30pm PST  /  5:00 - 7:30pm EST




Attend as a series or as individual workshops. Get higher discounts with the more workshops you attend (up to 3)!

  • 1st Workshop: $195

  • 2nd Workshop: $175

  • 3rd Workshop: $130 

**Financial Aid is available if the fee is a barrier to your attendance. Please  apply using this form: Please apply at least 1 week in advance to the training start date. Please email if you have any questions.



To register for one workshop or your first workshop, please select: "this is my first BRS workshop." For subsequent workshops that you register for, you are eligible for the series discounts and may select "this is my second BRS workshop" and "this is my third BRS workshop" accordingly. You may only register for up to 3 workshops using the discount. Appropriate use of the discounts will be verified by our team. Please note that you must register for each workshop separately. Registration is only available on Eventbrite. Please email if you have any questions about the registration process.

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Building Restorative Spaces - Guide for Past SEEDS Training Alumni
  • If your mediation or restorative justice SEEDS training was 2018 or earlier...

    • We recommend each of the above workshops for the reinforcement and continuation of the core concepts of mediation and restorative justice!

  • If your mediation or restorative justice SEEDS training was 2019 or later...

    • We recommend the "Values & Agreements" and "Difficult Conversations" workshops to recent mediation training alumni! These workshops will build on your mediation knowledge and explore how to integrate restorative practices and power dynamics into your practice.​

    • We recommend the "Difficult Conversations" workshop to recent restorative justice training alumni! This workshop will expand your understanding and integration of power dynamics into your practice.

  • If you enjoyed your previous SEEDS training, send our Building Restorative Spaces workshops to those in your network who could benefit from conflict transformation skills!

Training Policies and Disclaimers

Training Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel 14 days (2 weeks) or more before the training, your fee will be refunded, minus a $25 processing fee

  • If you cancel 14- 3 days before training, 50% of your fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel within 3 days, there is no refund; however, you can offer your spot to someone else within your network and communicate the name and email of the person taking your spot to

  • If you cancel once the training begins, there is no refund or credit voucher. Exceptions may be made in case of emergencies - contact the office for more details.

  • SEEDS cannot offer transfers to another training at the participant request.

Interactive Training Policy:

  • Active participation is integrated and invited in this workshop series. We invite participants to engage with their videos on and to share verbally and/or through the chat when prompted. The core learning from these workshops takes place when actively practicing the provided tools.

  • We encourage everyone to actively attend the Zoom during the training time to get the most benefit out of our interactive training model. A recording from the training will not be provided due to the interactive and sensitive nature of the content of this training.

  • Participants will receive SEEDS training materials to refer back to the content and tools from these workshops.

Content Disclaimer:

  • These introductory trainings of mediation feature content and discussion regarding race, power dynamics, and privilege in society.

  • Folx attending these trainings including trainers come from various lived experiences and understandings.

  • BIPOC and other marginalized folx do not have to carry the additional burden of educating anyone while attending.

  • Please know that you have autonomy to engage and care for yourself as you need for your own wellbeing.

Recording Disclaimer (Online Trainings):

  • Portions of these trainings will be recorded for internal and external training purposes.

  • SEEDS will only capture lecture portions of the trainings and will not be capturing personal information.

  • You may turn off your video when speaking if you would not like to be recorded during a recorded section.

  • Participants will NOT receive a copy of the training recordings.