Training Towards Transformation
(formerly CCG)

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Conflict is OUR great opportunity for change. At SEEDS we embrace the opportunity to carry our communities into the next phase of social change. With your generous financial support, we transform conflict into bridging, courageous relationships, co-creation, and co-visioning during a time when it's easier to fracture and fight. 


"[SEEDS Training] has made me want to commit to compassionate action and speech in my personal and professional life because it showed me how necessary it is that we remember each other's and our own humanness and acknowledge the feelings and needs that go along with that.” 

– Mediation Certification Training Participant


On behalf of the SEEDS community, you are invited to expand the opportunity of conflict by becoming an official sponsor of the 2021 SEEDS Training Towards Transformation fundraiser. Your donation makes SEEDS trainings accessible to diverse and under-resourced individuals and communities that otherwise would not have access to such timely, high impact services.


"This training has given me a deeper understanding of how the punitive nature of our society and school system can further the problem of disengagement and alienation rather than addressing the real concerns and offering support to people who need it.”

 – Restorative Justice Training Participant 


As we continue to navigate many local and global pandemics, conflict is escalating and requests for SEEDS training are at an all-time high. As our communities continue to experience the economic impact of the past year, requests for training scholarships have increased. With your support, we won’t have to turn away people who need support to build relationships and engage in generative conflict, especially at a moment like this. Since April 2020, the SEEDS training team has:    

  • Served 795 training participants 

  • Offered $40,380 in Financial Aid Awards/Sponsored training spots

  • Designed and facilitated 50 trainings 

  • Delivered 326 direct training hours

  • Certified 105 new mediators

  • Ensured 30% of training participants receive need-based aid

"I cannot fully articulate here just how impressed and connected and engaged I was with how all of the SEEDS team as well as the folx associated with the SEEDS organization came across. You all were magical…it was literally the best adult learning experience I have ever had…and the authenticity of the facilitators just floored me. I’m so very appreciative of the information and wisdom imparted, but also the intentional community that felt so effortless and real and deep from you all. GRATITUDE!" 

– Mediation Certification Training Participant


Your contribution makes SEEDS’ powerful and life-changing trainings possible! Please help us increase access to our training offerings. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to continue to meet this need. Every year SEEDS invites our committed sponsors, such as yourself, to support our work directly by contributing to our training scholarship fundraiser. In the past, we’ve called this campaign Cultivating Common Ground (CCG), and this year we’re calling it Training Towards Transformation. We are so grateful for your past support of our work and hope you’ll contribute to our scholarship fund again this year. We’re proud to say that 100% of your donation goes towards underwriting SEEDS’ programs, making our trainings accessible.


"[Because of this training, I am now] trying to take more courage to implement something I believe is the right thing to do instead of being complicit in a system that doesn't work."

 – Restorative Justice Training Participant 


Your dollars will cultivate mediation and restorative practices in our communities and increase the number of people who have the skills to build the world we want to live in! Please help us reach our goal of $15,000 by becoming an official sponsor. 


“This was a huge step for me learning and practicing how to create safe space for others. And it feels beautiful! If I wasn't hooked before, I sure am now." 

– Mediation Certification Training Participant


In partnership, 


AddieRose Mayer

SEEDS Executive Director

Training Towards Transformation Fundraiser 2021

We cultivate positive communication and develop fundamental understanding so that all people can be in productive relationship with each other. We do this through mediation, facilitation, training and restorative practices.


SEEDS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving California and beyond for 35 years. At SEEDS we harness the power of conflict to transform people’s relationships, schools, workplaces and communities. SEEDS’ expert staff and volunteers have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people including neighbors, co-workers, landlords and tenants, families, school administrators and teachers, students, community groups, public agencies, and local businesses by providing capacity building and culture transformation. 


SEEDS assists in dialogue, conflict transformation, facilitation, training, and restorative
practices such as: 

  • large scale multi-party, multi-issue disputes that have community-wide impact; 

  • education in effective communication, mediation, and circle process skills;

  • organizational effectiveness projects addressing internal dynamics within organizations and businesses; 

  • restorative practices in schools and school districts; and

  • mediation as a way to resolve a conflict without fighting, going to court, or giving in.

SEEDS Board, staff, and volunteers are dedicated to empowering people to resolve conflicts and differences of opinion through effective dialogue and solution-making rather than through adversarial means. Our vision statement acknowledges the potential for growth, transformation, and connections that people experience via mediation, facilitated group processes, and educational programs SEEDS offers throughout the greater Bay Area.


Sponsor Levels & Recognition Benefits​​

SEEDS Mature Forest:
With your sponsorship of $5,000, benefits include:


  • In-Service Trainings (up to 2 hrs) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year

  • Additional benefits listed below         

SEEDS Young Forest:
With your sponsorship of $2,500, benefits include:


  • Conflict coaching session (up to 2 hours) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year

  • Name and logo (with link) included in SEEDS email promoting public training sessions during upcoming year

  • Additional benefits listed below

SEEDS Sapling:
With your sponsorship of $1,000, benefits include:


  • Name and logo listed on SEEDS training material packets​

  • Additional benefits listed below

With your sponsorship of $500, benefits include:


  • Social Media recognition of sponsorship

  • Additional benefits listed below

  • If you are using a mobile device, please make your SEEDS Benefactor donation using a desktop device

SEEDS Sprout:
With your sponsorship of $250, benefits include:
  • Name listed on SEEDS website​

  • If you are using a mobile device, please make your SEEDS Partner donation using a desktop device

SEEDS Supporter:
Give a donation of below $250:

To participate in this program, please make your donation by June 30, 2021.

Thank you for your generous sponsorship!


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