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Professional Development Services

Would you like your employees to communicate better with each other and with your clients or customers? SEEDS’ training programs can help reduce conflict, and create a more civil, considerate workplace. 

Organizational Training Programs are:

  • Personalized:  Training is customized to suit your group’s needs, and individuals receive personal attention. Programs can cover a half day, full day, or multiple days.


  • Interactive:  Experiential/hands-on methods are used to engage all types of learning styles.


  • Practical:  New skills will benefit employees in their personal as well as work lives.


  • Competitively Priced: SEEDS prides ourselves on customizing trainings to meet your specific needs, and we reflect that in our fees. Please call to get more information.

Possible topic areas include:

  • Fundamental Communication and Conflict Resolution


  • Managing Conflicts in the Workplace


  • Cultural Differences and Conflict

  • Effective Customer Service


  • Collaborative Teamwork


  • Restorative practices 

Sample Workshops Include:

  • Developing Effective and Active Listening Skills


  • Identifying and Framing Issues


  • Facilitating negotiation


  • Create more inclusive and welcoming enviroments 


  • Professional leadership development


  • Strategic Thinking and Transformation


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