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SEEDS is currently experiencing a very high caseload for community mediation cases. Please expect a delay in response time. If you have an open case, Case Developers will respond to your communication within 5 business days of return. New inquiries will receive a response within 7 business days of return and be answered in the order they were received. If you are interested in opening a case, please start a case online to get your intake started. Thank you for your patience!

 Community Mediation Services

Through dialogue, our trained mediators can help you address conflict and move towards shared goals. We understand the possibility of conflict as a generative force.

Mediation services are provided by trained volunteers, supervised by SEEDS staff. All mediators and case developers volunteer their time to provide these valuable services to the community.

Due to a high volume of cases, we request that clients complete a

"Start a case online" / "Inciar una Mediación" form below.

Online forms will be prioritized over initial call-ins and emails.

Thank you for your understanding.

Call us:


(Remote Number)

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What is Mediation?


Mediation provides a supportive place where people can talk through their conflict in a productive manner. 


A mediator helps people in conflict:

  • Communicate for better understanding

  • Identify the issues and each party’s interests

  • Develop creative solutions

  • Negotiate a lasting agreement that works for everyone

Types of conflicts SEEDS can mediate:


·  Noise

·  Fence/Boundary

·  Pets

·  Parking

·  Trees

·  Construction/Remodeling

·  Harassment/Nuisance



·  Partnerships

·  Merchant/consumer transactions

·  Real Estate

·  Contracts

·  Workplace


·  Maintenance and Repairs

·  Security Deposits

·  Rent



·  Communication breakdowns

·  Divorce/separation*

·  Money/Property

·  Roommate/housemate



·  Schools

·  Neighborhoods

·  Non-profits

·  Land-use

What situations are not suitable for SEEDS Mediation?




  • Provide legal advice, representation, or services 

  • Help fill out legal paperwork

  • Produce legally-binding agreements/contracts

  • Schedule mediations faster than 3 weeks out (after speaking with all parties)

  • Mediate if there is an active restraining order

  • Force someone to mediate

  • Decide who is right or wrong regarding a conflict

For help with a legal matter,

consider contacting:


Alameda County Family Law Services

(510) 272-1393


Bay Area Legal Aid

(800) 551-5554


Centro Legal de la Raza


For an urgent housing matter,

consider contacting:


Alameda County Family Help Center

(510) 267-8800

Bay Area Legal Aid


Centro Legal de la Raza

(510) 437-1554

East Bay Community Law Center

(510) 548-4040

ECHO Housing (Oakland)

(510) 496-0496

Eviction Defense Center

(510) 452-4541

Mediation Process.png
of cases end with a satisfactory resolution
Mediation roleplay_adjusted.jpg


The fee for a mediation includes intakes, scheduling, and a 3-hour mediation session.

  • The fee depends on the type of case.

  • The fee is charged if a mediation or conflict coaching session is scheduled. 

  • The fee is per person, per session.

Community Mediation Fee Chart 2022 with Intake Fees.png

Sliding Scale

The sliding scale fee is determined based on income plus other factors as outlined below.

  1. Start by finding your estimated annual income and determining the number of people supported by that income.

  2. If you have high debt, please move one bracket lower.

  3. If you have family financial support, other income including inheritance, or own significant assets (like a house, car, or stocks), please move one bracket higher.

No one is turned away for insufficient funds.

Sliding Scale CM Fee Chart 02-21.png

SEEDS offers Remote Mediations!


When in-person mediation is not possible, remote mediations are a great option to work through conflict.


Does mediation still work over a screen?

While nothing can replace meeting face-to-face, parties who have done remote mediations have successfully reduced/resolved conflict, created agreements, and met their goals for the process.


Are there tech requirements for remote mediations?

All parties need to meet the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Familiarity with the video platform Zoom

  • Reliable internet and a private space to talk

  • A computer/tablet (Phones do not meet minimum requirements because they do not have the “gallery view” feature to display all parties simultaneously)


What if I don’t meet the tech requirements?

While you won’t be able to do a remote mediation, you may consider scheduling a one-on-one Conflict Coaching session which can be done over the phone. You may also consider doing an in-person mediation if/when that is available.


How do I start the process for a remote mediation?

To get a remote mediation started, follow the mediation process steps.

SEEDS offers Conflict Coaching!


When mediation is not possible, conflict coaching is a great option to get support and develop strategies to navigate a difficult conflict that’s impacting you.


SEEDS’ provides confidential one-on-one Conflict Coaching sessions to help our clients process and problem solve specific issues. We connect clients with conflict resolution experts with training in effective active listening and communication techniques. In 90 minute sessions, your coach will use deep listening to support you to understand your current situation more clearly and from different perspectives, and walk you through the process from where you are to where you would like to be. 


To schedule your conflict coaching session, call SEEDS at 510-542-9238 to complete an intake and get connected with a Coach.


How much does Conflict Coaching cost?

The cost for Conflict Coaching follows the same sliding scale rubric as mediations.


How long does it take to schedule?

Conflict coaching sessions are scheduled 1-2 weeks after a completed intake. (Clients requiring a faster response may want to seek out private coaches or mediators.)


What if I need ongoing conflict coaching?

Designed to support and address a specific conflict, SEEDS provides up to 3 Conflict Coaching sessions. Clients with situations that require longer-term support may want to seek out private coaches or therapeutic services.

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