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In the wise words of Arundhati Roy, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.At SEEDS our vision of another world is one where the difference is embraced by transforming conflict.  We know that with your financial support our vision is propelled into existence during this global pandemic. 


On behalf of the SEEDS community, you are invited to meet this crisis with courage by becoming an official sponsor of the SEEDS Cultivating Common Ground (CCG) Fundraiser. Your donation makes SEEDS trainings accessible to diverse and under-resourced individuals and communities that otherwise would not have access to such timely, high impact services.


We know that disconnection, discomfort, and uncertainty are catalysts for conflict. To steady the ground, it is critical that people have the skills, capacity, and space to build relationships and engage in generative conflict. That’s why in the first six weeks of Bay Area Shelter-in-Place, SEEDS:

  • Designed more than 20 new training offerings

  • Delivered 50+ hours of skills building

  • Released more free training opportunities than ever before

  • Decreased financial barriers to accessing SEEDS’ life-changing training experiences

  • Engaged 30+ new national social justice movements


Your generous contribution makes this powerful response to a sudden need possible! Like many small non-profits, SEEDS is being hit hard by this pandemic. Please help keep our doors open and our training offerings accessible. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to continue to meet this need. 


Annually, SEEDS invites our loyal sponsors to support our work directly by contributing to our CCG training scholarships. We’re proud to say that 100% of your donation goes towards underwriting SEEDS’ training program and making our services accessible. This year we are responding to the unique needs of the time by hosting a remote Training Alumni event to ensure physical distancing does not lead to social isolation. This is an opportunity to bring our former students together to continue to build community, share resilience strategies, and discuss COVID-era needs for conflict transformation. Please sponsor our event and our training program!


Your dollars will cultivate mediation and restorative practices in our communities and increase the number of people who have the skills to build the world we want to live in! Please help us reach our goal of $15,000 by becoming an official sponsor. 


With gratitude,

AddieRose Mayer

SEEDS Executive Director

Learn from the Experts: In the words of SEEDS training participants


SEEDS is a unique organizational treasure providing profound conflict-resolution education & direct services in the Bay Area (and beyond). The facilitative mediation model assumes that community members are best suited to navigate any percolating points of friction; community-based mediators trained by SEEDS simply offer supportive structure to skillfully assist in the collaborative process of discerning salient issues and potential pathways forward. I completed my 40-hour certification years ago, yet clearly remember the value of the trainings – and many in my cohort enthusiastically agreed – that the communication skills learned would serve exceedingly well for any number of personal or professional communication contexts: close interpersonal relationships, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, clients, etc. SEEDS is a lean organization and money offered to expand the reach of SEEDS will only serve to ensure more equitable access to valuable trainings on a sustained basis.” – Anonymous



The instructors/educators are the best in the field.  They provided expert presentations, challenging exercises and were most interactive with students ensuring we understood the concepts and materials taught.  SEEDS rocks!!! I highly recommend SEEDS Mediation Training to anyone seeking authentic, comprehensive, interactive mediation training experience.” – Aisha Mohammad Swan, PhD



The SEEDS training changed the way I think about conflict in both personal and professional settings.  I used to view it in purely negative terms, but SEEDS inspired me to think of conflict as a natural and even important part of life, and an opportunity to better understand other people.  Now when disagreements arise, I notice my instinct to flee, and then look for productive ways to engage and move forward.  It’s not always easy, but I am grateful for the new perspective, particularly in these times when patience and understanding seem to be lacking from public discourse.” – Becca Schonberg


Sponsor Levels & Recognition Benefits​​

SEEDS Mature Forest:
With your sponsorship of $5,000, benefits include:


  • In-Service Trainings (up to 2 hrs) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year

  • Additional benefits listed below         

SEEDS Young Forest:
With your sponsorship of $2,500, benefits include:


  • Conflict coaching session (up to 2 hours) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year

  • Name and logo (with link) included in SEEDS email promoting public training sessions during upcoming year

  • Additional benefits listed below

SEEDS Sapling:
With your sponsorship of $1,000, benefits include:


  • Name and logo listed on SEEDS training material packets​

  • Additional benefits listed below

With your sponsorship of $500, benefits include:


  • Social Media recognition of sponsorship

  • Additional benefits listed below

  • If you are using a mobile device, please make your SEEDS Benefactor donation using a desktop device

SEEDS Sprout:
With your sponsorship of $250, benefits include:
  • Name listed on SEEDS website​

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SEEDS Supporter:
Give a donation of below $250:

To participate in this program, please make your donation by June 1, 2020.

Thank you for your generous sponsorship!


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